Thursday, 2 December 2021

The World - December

A woman in a glowing white dress stands in front of a tree, she has a star shaped halo emanating from the crown of her head. The tree is in full bloom, a rainbow of colour behind her. Lush grass grows beneath her feet.
A couple of months back we had The Fool, this is the start of the woman's journey. The World is the end. The Fool was routed in front of her tree, the tree was bare and no grass grew.
In this card she has evolved, she has taken the journey and grown. She is still grounded but no longer stuck, she now has a healthy connection with her higher self.

Spend some time this month reflecting on how you've evolved. Celebrate your wins, it's time to honour your worth.

Don't get comfortable here though, the journey begins again. There is always more to learn. Be honest with yourself, what do you want to change going forward? If there are parts of your world that don't fit what you want, take steps to change it.

This deck is the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, this is the only card that contains all the colours and is linked to the eighth chakra, located above us. It's time to begin trusting your guides going into the new year.

*Have a lovely winter solstice /Yule/Christmas and an amazing new year! *

Monday, 1 November 2021

The Star - November

A woman stands by the ocean, she appears to be stepping out of the water on to the rocky shore, the hem of her green dress still trailing in the water. She holds a bowl containing a star, it looks like water overflowing from it, but on closer inspection is sparkles so could be a river of stars. The ocean behind her is calm, as is the night sky. A group of stars form the shape of a heart behind her.
I love this card! Hope and inspiration. I need this myself right now, I know that much.

If you find yourself in a rut or at a cross roads pay attention to your inner guide. Think of the three wise men following the Star in the nativity. They trust that this lone, beautiful light is guiding them in the right direction. Do the same, trust those intuitive message's, you will know the right ones as they will feel light and inspiring. If there is doubt or a heavy feeling it's probably the wrong way.

The woman in the card is looking back. Don't get trapped here. Take time this month to focus on self-healing, especially the heart chakra. Meditate and see yourself surrounded by green light, carry a green crystal and eat leafy green veg. Be gentle with yourself. 

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Ace of Coins - October

A woman stands surrounded by roses. I feel that she is stood at the edge of a cliff looking out at the world below. Clouds obscure her view but the sun is breaking through, bringing with it a new day. A gold coin is above her. She reaches up to it, her arms open welcoming it. Magical orbs around her.
The Fool from last month has broken free and she has moved on. She's now able to see all that's around and can move to where she wants to be.
A secure new start is on the horizon. 
If you've always wanted to try a different career, open a business, or begin a new hobby, now is the time.

She's surrounded by growth, the sun is coming up to light the way, magic is guiding her. 
Hold up your arms, copy her stance, and feel the confidence and power. Speak to the universe and your guides. Tell them what you want and where you want to be. Give thanks. Trust and allow them to guide you. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The Fool - September

A woman in a red dress stands in front of a tree, light shines from behind her. Her dress flows to the ground forming roots. Like the tree she is connected to the earth, but also grows towards the heavens.

How long has she been stood there? Is she ready to uproot and move on?
Where in your life have you been stuck and following the same routine? It's time to shake things up a bit and see what happens. Don't be afraid, change can be good.

The roots of this red card represent ancestors. You have all the wisdom, guidance and protection of them so don't be afraid to step forward.
There will be outdated beliefs and traditions from the past that no longer serve you. These roots you can cut. Free yourself from them so the past energy doesn't hold you back on your journey. 

When you have identified the roots to cut, and those to keep, move forward and let yourself grow! 

Monday, 2 August 2021

Temperance - August

A woman stands on rocks surrounded by a waterfall, stars shining behind her. She has wings, a red dress and orange hair. Blue liquid flows from two cups that she is holding, the liquid meets in the middle, connecting.
She stands confident, sure of her footing (and who she is) in the waterfall. Water represents emotions, so she is grounded and secure, not letting these emotions control her. It's time to do likewise. Stand proud and honour who you are.
Meditate whilst looking at the card, ask her what do you need to create more of the harmony and confidence that she has. Act on her guidance. 

What is she mixing? Water, cocktails? Whatever the liquid is it's meeting in the middle. One isn't competing or forcing itself to be stronger. There is equilibrium here. Work on finding this balance. 
After the Tower last month, it will be lovely to experience some calmer energy. Don't force anything at this time, just go with the flow. 

Monday, 5 July 2021

The Tower - July

A tower stands on what appears to be rocks, it is on fire and has been stuck by lightening.  A woman is falling from the building, considering her predicament she appears calm and un-phased. Over on the other side a devil figure is also falling, he looks a lot less in control than the woman, falling headfirst and spiraling out of control. At the top of the image a crown is also falling, who did this belong to? The woman, the Devil or someone we do not see?

Perhaps the tower needs to fall? A sudden change in circumstance can sometimes be what is needed to get us moving. Yes, at the time it is scary, but perhaps the collapse needs to happen to get us out of our comfort zone.

The Devil is losing control here, the woman remains calm and is going to land safely and move on. She has the choice, does she leave the scene, or will she re-build the tower? If she re-builds will it be the same as before or perhaps stronger, positive changes be made.

This is the chance to assess what is working and what’s not, get rid of what not’s and start again with stronger foundations. 

The Tower is a yellow card so linked with the solar plexus. Take time this month to look at what truly makes you shine, feel confident and full of joy. Do not be afraid to go after more of this.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Sun - June

A woman is stood in a field of flowers, rows of lavender stretch out behind her. She holds her hands palm up absorbing the life giving energy of the sun, or, is she creating it?
The sun's rays break through the fog revealing an ancient arch behind. Perhaps it was once used as a place of worship by her ancestors, or a gateway to another dimension?
A coach and horses are coming towards the woman, it appears to have come through the arch. Are these ancestors appearing to guide her? Where will the coach take her if she gets on?
Are you going to get on the coach? If you do will they drive, or will you be in charge of your destiny?

The sun is giving you confidence and showing the way. So perhaps it's best that you take the reigns now. Have self belief and let yourself shine. Enjoy the journey.

The sun is also the greatest provider for light therapy, so ensure that you get outside into nature and soak up its rays.

Spend time meditating and listen to the guidance your ancestors give you. They want you to shine.